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Please HELP!!! Gara...
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Please HELP!!! Garageband sound output problems!!

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Thank you for taking the time to look at this post! I am new to recording in general and recently recorded some guitar tracks on garageband. I used an M-Audio Firewire solo for recording, and selected input 3/4 stereo, because I was getting a signal from that input.. While recording we would play it back through the computers main output ((computer speakers) which were set up next to each other, not apart). When I got home I hooked the Mac back up and realized that sound was only coming out of ONE speaker during playback!!!!! At first I thought my speaker was broken, but then realized it worked fine when playing a song through iTunes.. So I exported what I had so far to iTunes to see what would happen. It exported to iTunes and plays in stereo, yet the sound quality is not as good...and the file size in iTunes is 54 MB!!!!! Which is WAAAAAY to large anyway.

Anyone know how to monitor in stereo, or what I'm doing wrong?? Also anyone know about condensing to MP3 size file while retaining audio quality?? Any help is GREATLY Appreciated!!!


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Hi JR, let's see if I can help you along a bit even though I currently don't have my Line6 TonePort at home to try and simulate your issue.

From experience, certain instrument inputs are only Mono and hence the problem with hearing only sound from one speaker. The problem could be either with selecting the wrong M-Audio input channel, selecting the wrong Garageband Input source or wrong Output source. Unfortunately I can't check it out, but I do know that I have come across the same issue as well. Remember that he guitar input is only Mono, so it's essential that you select the correct input and output sources.

Here's a link that explains how to create mp3 files out of Garageband -

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It is correct. It depends on the interface that you use and the inputs/outputs that are active. You should configure those options in GarageBand and also you can assign the channel for each instrument.

For converting to MP3. Select that option in the 'Preferences' dialog (192 Kbps will be enough) and then use your right mouse button (or ctrl+mouse button) and select 'Convert to MP3'.

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The answers to this kind of channel issue seem to vary widely, depending on the combinations of gear and software. It can also matter whether you're using a Mac or Windows - thanks to variations in drivers and the main software program. Even a mismatch between an operating system version and a program version can stuff things up in ways that you can't successfully troubleshoot or fix for yourself.

I've got a Yamaha Audiogram interface which works exactly as I'd expect if I'm using Cubase (on either Windows or Mac) but if I use it with Garage Band, it behaves differently and I can't get it to provide two separate tracks no matter how it's set up at either end. Yet my H4 works perfectly as an interface with GB. :?

Unfortunately, your issue could be as simple as changing a setting at one end, or an incompatibility somewhere in the hardware/software chain.