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PLEASE HELP! I can'...
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PLEASE HELP! I can't save my gp5s w/ rse

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I'm using RSE, but when I save it as a midi, it only uses the midi bank sounds..(That sounds a little obvious) but im bummed out that it doesnt save the rse. Also, when I try to WAV it, it works, but when I play the .wav, it only plays static

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GP5 uses the RSE engine as it's playback engine. RSE can't be embedded in a MIDI file.

The MIDI file GP5 exports is just that - standard MIDI data. You can send it to any MIDI device (like an external hardware synth).

But when you click on the MIDI file, your computer uses the computer's default MIDI playback system, which is at least partly a function of your sound card. Unless you have upgraded that, it'll sound pretty low-end.
Also, when I try to WAV it, it works, but when I play the .wav, it only plays static

That one, I think I can help you fix.
When you select "export...wave", you should get a window called "WAVE Export", which lets you make a few settings. Click on the "windows record mixtable".
Then, in the mixer that pops up, click in the checkbox beside the StereoMix slider, and set that to a midrange level. (if the StereoMix slider isn't visible, click "" and click in the checkbox for StereoMix to make it appear on the mixer)

Then click "OK" on the Wave export box, and start GP5 playing the file.

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As Kent said go for the WAV file. MIDI isn't sound but just computer code that can be turned into sound when using a sampler of sorts. What you want to do is record the actual sound, which is wav.