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Reason? Rebirth? Re...
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Reason? Rebirth? Recycle?

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Can anyone explain to me what these packages do?

How do I use them in Cubase?

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Limited help here: Reason is one of the better soft synths (software-based synthesizer). Can't tell you how to use it in Cubase.


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Reason, reason is a software package that mimics a full rack system set up of an electronic music artist, only its all software. Kinda like fruity loops But 100000000 times better in quality. Mainly what it is for is creating and composing electronic music. You can also use it to do some reall good work using the Sample based syth that it has. It is extreamly powerful and alot of pros use it. IMO its the best soft syth out there.

Rebirth is the predecessor of Reason. Re birth perfectly mimics an old school 303 analog syth. It also has a drup machine. Another slightly powerful little program depending on what you use it for. But over all it gets stopmed down by its big brother reason.

And Recycle is mainly used to alow you to sclice up a beat and make syncopated beats. Lets you basicaly mimic playing with a beat on a turn table but, with more control and no scratching. Or atleast that is my understaning of it from the website. I havnt used recycle yet so i really dont know for sure what its exactly capable of.

Over all what it comes down to is if you dont have a lot of money to spend on hard ware to make electronic music, these are som of the main software packages that will help you out.

hope i was of some help there.