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Recording mic

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Looking for a recording mic for vocals under a grand any recommendations would be appreciate

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Unless you're dealing in Yen, you should be able to get superb quality gear for that budget.

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What type of vocals are you going to be using it for? I love using an shure sm7b on male vox. I really enjoy the Blue Mic Baby Bottle for female. It is a much brighter mic so the high frequencies go great with a female pop singer.

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If you have a grand to spend on a mic, I am assuming you have a pre-amp that will support phantom power.

In that case, two brands: sE Electronics and Neumann.

Check out sE 5600 or Gemini models; Neumann TLM103 or TLM104.

There's not much to touch these at the price.

If you need to factor in a preamp or audio interface to suit, check out Focusrite. Founded by Rupert Neve many years ago, although today's Focusrite has no connection with the industry's oldest living legend, their products all bear the hallmark, DNA, genetic fingerprint, however you like to term it, of his design philosophy.

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Check Novox NC1 and Blue Yeti :)

Please no. Yeti is fine for podcasting but not for vocals. With a $1000 budget at least reach for an SE as previously stated. Rode NT1, NTK or NT2.