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Recording / Playing 3 guitars on a computer

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hello everybody, first post.

At home I play my guitar through the computer with headphones (my pedal has a built in interface for the computer) because it keeps the noise down in my house.

I was wondering what do I need to do the same but with 2 of my mates (so a total of 2 guitars + 1 bass) as well?

I've been doing some research, and it seems like I need (at least) a 3 channel mixer?
Will this solution reduce the quality of the guitar sounds?
Will I also need something to split the out-puts as well so 3 headphones can be plugged in?

We basically just want to jam, but through headphones + computer so we don't make too much noise.


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One thing's for sure, is that it can be done. how to get there, though, is the trick. To do that, we'd need to know what you have on a more specific level.

What pedal do you use?
What do you use the computer for?
Where is the actual guitar processing happening? (And is it expandable?)
You are connecting headphones to your computer's sound system?

All three guitars (including bass) will need to do the following:
A: Connection to the place where all three signals will be mixed together. (mixer)
B: Processing at some point to turn the dry and very low (almost inaudible) signal into a guitar/bass tone.
C: Someplace to hook up headphones to hear the same output as the others.

I think the biggest challenge for me right now would be to set three up with headphones, but that's just my system. We would normally play through studio monitors or even go to a keyboard amp I've got if desired.

You might also check with the other guys to see what they can easily bring to the party each time. Maybe one or both of them already has the guitar processing part down, like Line-6 POD or a Boss GT-100. Any processing that happens outside the computer makes it easier on the computer.

Anyhow, just let me know your starting point and I hope to be able to help form there.

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sorry i think i meant

guitars ------>
Mixer --> Headphone Amp-->Headphones

We plan to use the computers as drums (so also used as an instrument i guess).

I'm not sure why type of input jacks im looking for since I am new to this.