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Traynor Amp - tubes & other questions

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Hello everyone... well I know a lot about guitars and next to nothing about amplifiers. I bought a Traynor YCV40T which was running pretty well, but recently the sound hasn't been that good and now it actually seems to "fart" or "belch" when hitting the low strings. I took a look at the tubes and it seems like only one is working... but I don't know. It just doesn't sound right.

The setup for this amp is:

Preamp Tube - 3x 12AX7WA Dual Triodes (Russia)
Power Amp Tube - 2x 6L6GB Beam Power Tubes (Russia)

I assume that the two large tubes I can easily see and touch are the Power Amp tubes. I think only one is working because I only see one light up.

The other three tubes are inside a housing that I can't easily get to (the others you can get to without taking the amp apart). Is it easy enough for me to order two new Power Amp tubes and replace them? Is that the source of the issue, or should I have someone (a tech) look at the whole amp? I can't really see the three pre-amp tubes so I don't know if they are all working or not.

Plus, I bought this second-hand so I don't know the last time the amp was serviced. The Power Amp tubes appear to be the original tubes (the name matches the ones in the book).

I know some of you are real tube Amp geeks/gurus ... what do you think I should do? Ahh... part of me just wants to go back to Solid State...


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I recently discovered an old Traynor StudioMate amp in my parents' attic from the early '70's. Best thing about it is it's in perfect working order except for missing one power tube. As a result, it also made that farting or belching noise. So, my advice would be to replace your two powertubes. I did that and now the amp sounds sooo sweet. I've also got a Blues Junior (which I love), and I'm hard pressed to say which sounds better.

Anyway, I highly recommend . I bought a couple new JJ EL84's for only about $15. I put these in my Blues Junior and put the GrooveTubes from the Junior into the Traynor. Anyhew, I can sit there and listen to all the beautiful chimey overtones while playing for hours on end. The best way I can describe it is that the sound is not "monofaceted" but has all these layers and levels and interesting chimes and depth, and, and, and I'm rambling... :D

Try replacing the tubes.

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You should bias your amp after changing the power tubes. Not something for the average joe. I'd take it to a tech for that.

The pre-amp tubes (the three smaller ones) you can do yourself.

I also recommend Bob over at eurotubes. He's a great guy more than will to help you out.

Good Luck,