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XLR vs. Mic-In
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XLR vs. Mic-In

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I've purchased an interface (M Audio PreUsb) that has both xlr and mic-in inputs.

I plan on using an old Pearl dynamic microphone that I got for (if I recall correctly) $25 CND with it.

Right now I have a 1/4" mic cable for it. However, I know that there is a slight difference between that the xlr input.

Which is better? And if it's the xlr, is it worth buying an xlr over the one that I'm using now?

Thanks :)

Dan Lasley
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In general, a mic with an XLR connection will be of higher quality. By design it is less noisy and usually has better (flatter) frequency response. Dynamic mics are usually noisier, and are more suited to lectures than singing or recording.