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great site

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Topic starter great site

Posted : 14/02/2006 7:54 pm
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well spotted, i like that a lot! the way he breaks down the Comfortably Numb solo is very informative.



Posted : 15/02/2006 11:54 am
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Wow! Nice! Even the "easier licks" look like fun.

Thanks for posting it RTJ.

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Posted : 15/02/2006 12:16 pm
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That is a great site. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted : 19/02/2006 12:46 am
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Excellent find

It looks like I might finally get the solo from Layla!



Posted : 19/02/2006 6:23 pm
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Fantastic find. Thank you so much, its gonna help me finally nail that acoustic Lala solo. :wink:

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Posted : 19/02/2006 9:17 pm
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thx for the site !

Posted : 20/02/2006 3:10 pm
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Good one!!!

Many thanks

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Posted : 20/02/2006 7:40 pm