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Live Music USA & UK seperate DISCORDS for original bands/artists playing in the United States & the UK

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I'm trying to create a place where we can source and arrange gigs for original bands all over the USA & UK at the drop of a hat. I've just created a discord with that in mind with the hopes it could one day bloom into a useful network for gigging bands. The UK one has already kicked off but it's just me on my lonesome atm in the USA one so if this is of interest to you head on over and tell your friends! It's got to start somewhere. More ppl that join, more potent this becomes.

As well as chat channels for gigs (split into various states) there is a channel for promoters & venues to post their details, channels for sharing live videos of your band, muso search channels (split into states), resource channel and general chat. If you know anyone that this would be useful to, pls let them know.

Live Music UK
Live Music USA

Posted : 18/08/2021 3:54 pm