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My new Solder Free ...
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My new Solder Free cable kit...

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Lava Cable along with G&H Industries has designed a revolutionary DIY solder-free plug specifically designed with tight tolerances to match the Lava Mini ELC cable (lower capacticance than any other pedal jumper cable - 15 pF/ft).

The Lava PlugTM is first solder-free DIY plug on the market not to use a set screw to make the ground connection. Instead, a sleeve making 360 degree ground and outer jacket contact is used. The housing at .439" wide is also the smallest available, allowing for pedal spacing at or near 1". (as close as 7/8" with offset pedals)

Pedal board kits have 10' of cable, 10 plugs along with a small stripper and retail for $74.95.

Pedal Board with kit (took 20-30 minutes to make 6 cables)

Lava Man

Posted : 17/12/2007 1:25 am