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Progression - Great gift for the holidays!!!

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Hello all!

My name is Kyle and I work with Notion Music. I've been using Progression to teach for the past few months and it has proven itself as a valuable tool in my lessons. At an affordable price Progression is the gift your creative friends have been waiting for. The ease of use, amazing sample library, and built in amp simulation/VST FX will give you the tools to inspire creative music. For the teachers out there, Progression serves as an amazing tool for your students to learn and participate in lessons. Progression is the perfect holiday gift for anyone you know who wants to create, teach, or perform music. Stop by our site to check out audio samples and videos.

Check us out here :

Kyle Poehling
[email protected]

PROGRESSION: "Music Software for Guitar"

Posted : 18/12/2007 1:02 am