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Secret: Slowwwww + ...
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Secret: Slowwwww + Repetition = Mastery

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I found this website called:

It's ok, but I think it's missing stuff for a real guitar player...

Here's how I use it: I put on a song from YouTube with a blues lick (for example), then I select the segment 15 seconds in until 23 seconds of a lick I want to loop over and over again, and then I just keep trying to play along until I master it.

Then I move onto the next lick of the song, until the entire song is mastered...

Has anyone else done this before? I find it incredibly fun and easy to learn.

Posted : 11/04/2011 2:52 am
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Where does the slow part come in?

I posted about InfiniteLooper yesterday on my blog. One of the points I made was that I really wished they had a speed adjuster built in as well. Until that happens, I have to settle for ripping the video and using GOM or Windows Media Player to slow it down. Works like a charm tho.

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Posted : 13/04/2011 2:38 am
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Hey Johnny, how do you use GOM or windows media player? They have features that you can use to slow down the video? What about looping the video?

I'm thinking about building a service that puts the video on the page, allows you to create multiple loop sections you can activate to play, and even shows the guitar tab for that looped section so you can learn songs wicked easy.


Posted : 24/04/2011 1:02 pm