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Unique Guitar Pick and index finger sleeve / no dropping

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No Drop Guitar Pick and Picking Sleeve—Works for those with Guitar Tendinitis, Hand Injury, and Arthritis – whatever the reason.

I am a professional singer/songwriter/guitar player and performer. A few years back I injured my right hand which made playing the guitar very difficult. I could no longer hold a guitar pick between my thumb and index finger and often strumming, picking and plucking without a pick was very painful as well. I have tried every type of attachable finger pick ever made but none really work well-- they don't stay on, the picks are too thick or too soft. I wanted a real pick, where I could choose the thickness, but I needed it to attach to my index finger so I could play.
Does this type of thing exist, Yes!!! I found the Arrow Guitar Pick and Finger Sleeve. This is the greatest thing for me, it took some getting used to but it works and works well. The silicone band slides onto my finger and I slip the pick into the band and it stays right in place. I can adjust the angle of the pick, I can rotate the body and the head and it stays attached to my finger. The picks are in several sizes as are the bands. The picks are narrow enough that they don't get in the way of my other fingers and the bands are comfortable. The Arrow Picks are very similar to any standard guitar pick, with the exception of the body, which is smaller and has two round points at the top, it looks like an arrowhead. The points at the top do keep it in the sleeve well. If you have problems holding onto a guitar pick for any reason, injury, arthritis-- whatever, this system works. You can find them online, Arrow Guitar Picks and Finger Sleeves. The company does have its own website.