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Website for tracking your practices

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Hey guys,

I've been working on and off on a web site for tracking my guitar practices. It's helped me a lot in improving my guitar playing, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Please note, you guys are the first ones to try it out, so I look forward to any feedback.

The URL is:


BTW: Please don't take this as spam. I've been a member of Guitar Noise for a few years, and my site is totally free. :D

Posted : 23/03/2010 2:03 am
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Here's a few pics of what the site looks like:

Posted : 23/03/2010 2:05 am
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Nice website! I'm a developer and was going to create an application with scales/chords/practice sessions etc., for lookup and also recording progress. This is pretty neat. One thing though, theres absolutely no information on the website about how deep the logging goes, or what the achievements are etc. With that addition it would entice people to use it more.


Posted : 23/03/2010 7:24 am
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It would be nice if you can combine the exercise and songs into different practice lists so you can work on one set one day and another the next day. Then you would just kick off a practice list and it would take you through each part in the sequence you setup.

-- Rob

Posted : 23/03/2010 3:30 pm
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Yeah, I'm a coder not a writer, so the whole "marketing" section is pretty sparse. :lol: The achievements stuff is the area I'm working on now, so I'll definitely flesh it out more in the coming weeks.

I had actually originally implemented it where you'd setup a practice set before starting... but I found that that was an extra step that was getting in the way. So what I do now is list the last time you practiced each thing, and then you can choose one to practice. After you practice it, the icon changes to a checkmark and the right sidebar will show all your practices for that day.

One thing I'd like to do is be able to let people share their songs and exercises. For example, for the songs I'm learning, I've put in all the sections of the song, and included links to the tabs for each section... would be nice for other people take advantage of my effort.

Posted : 23/03/2010 7:26 pm