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I have been looking for an amp and came across a few of the Fender models, like the Devilles that come with either 2x12 or 4x10 and was wondering what the difference in sound would be or why they would do this?? Just a little confused.

Edit: Just so everyone knows I have a 2x12 model but it isn't a tube amp, I've also played the 2x12 model but haven't seen a 4x10 anywhere and was wondering if it would be more bassy or what????

Sorry if i didn't clarify in the first part.

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The DeVille is a great amp used by thousands of gigging guitarists.

I have read lots of reviews on this amp, and most say the 4 X 10 has the better tone of the two. Not saying the 2 X 12 is bad, just that most prefer the 4 X 10.

You will love these amps, great clean tone and plenty of power for any gig. The Drive channels are not so popular, kinda 60-70s sounding. Fender has never been famous for their distortion. But pedals sound fantastic through the clean channel.

I own the HRD which is the little brother of these amps at 40 watts and 1 X 12. But other than that they are almost exactly identical. My amp sounds great and has been completely reliable for about 5 years now. The only problem I've had is two little jewel lights burning out, cost $2 to replace them. That's it, great sounding and well built amps.

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Some believe 4x10's sound superior to most 2x12's. again this is a matter personal choise on your quest for your own tone. Myself I believe I can drive 12's harder than 10's. I say this because I'm blown to many of both over the years and have settled on Celestion Gm12-70's. They seem to have been able to handle the abuse I subject them to with both my playing and experimenting.

4x10's have less bass sound and more punch in the mid range and highs. 2x12's are more an all around speaker allowing you good highs, plenty of mid range and well round bass. You kind of get the best of both worlds with 12's. I would try both ways out and decide what you like.

Hope this helps.