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6505 or Cobra?
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6505 or Cobra?

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Hows it goin guys? Im lookin into buying a new head and im torn between two. I play metal and local gigs and im lookin for a good powerful head with good tone and crunch that will last me awile. I have decided its either gonna be the Peavey 6505 Plus or the Framus Cobra Top. I have just starting hearing good stuff about Framus and I recently saw a band i'm into (Dead to Fall) use them so I also wondering if anyone knows anything about them or has any reconmendations for them. So if anyone has any suggestions about which to choose, (also, money isnt really important, i found a good buy on the Cobra on ebay so it rounds out to be about the same as the Peavey), that would be awsome. Thanks guys.