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Acoustic Amp + RC-2 Loop

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brian f
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Looking for some advice here and taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge available.

I am looking at getting an acoustic amp and a Boss RC-2 LoopStation. I need an acoustic pup too. My guitar is a 70's Guild d-25, Hog b/s, an arched back, and has a very warm and woody tone...fairly bass heavy.

My budget for the whole mess is about $400 (amp, pup, and RC-2).

1) Any recommendation on a good acoustic pup for under $150?? I would like to dampen the volume of my practice room (so I don't wake the kids...My stage is usually the bathroom) so I think I want to use headphones and a soundhole cover, thus ruling out the magnetic soundhole pup's. Should I go with a UST or is something like the K&K that attaches to the bridgeplate a good idea? I'd also like to avoid buying a seperate pre-amp.

2) Any recommendation on a decent acoustic amp (used is good) that has a 1/4 input as well as an XLR mic input and a phone/out jack. Maybe a couple of basic effects too. I would just like to have a decent tone with the guitar/pup combo I go with. I'd like to spend less than $150 here too, but again, used is great. I've seen some used Crate acoustic amps for less than $150 and seems like I should be able to find a behringer in that range too??? I dont need much in watts...just want the xlr, & the phone/out.

3) Any feedback on the Boss RC-2 loop station? Seems like its pretty robust for the price. some cool demos on ytube.


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Hi Brian,

I have not experience with the RC-2 but I asked a similar question some months ago and I received very positive feedback. I didn't buy it yet... but Xmas is coming...

The link to the previous thread:

Good luck!