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Acoustic Gigs -- wh...
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Acoustic Gigs -- what do i need??

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ok i want to start doing acoustic gigs by march, i m only playign guitar two months but im playing irish fiddle all my life,as is my sister, and she wants to start doing gigs too.
what do i need at the most simplest level to get going?
i have 1500euro in tax back coming to me in the next 6 weeks, now i owe some rent, i could pay back the rent and dream about gigging for another year, or i could invest in some speakers,pa,mikes and cables, and start doing gigs and pay my rent that way too.
also in addition to playing irish music gigs with my sister, i want the option of doing an acoustic rock band with my friend, so an acoustic set up would make sense.
i dont drive so getting the gear to the gigs is beyond me, but all the same.. i think it might be a good idea.
helps?? and tips on what i need again on the most basic level, and if i can go cheap, ebay,second hand i will.. i must check out "cash converters" later. they alwayts have semi cheap,used equipment.

many thanks.

Dan Lasley
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Two quick things:

- Where are you living? We have members from all over the world who might be able to help.

- Where are you going to play? Some bars have small PAs already, so you could save the expense.

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I am looking at something similar for home at the moment and would welcome some feedback.

I've got:
- acoustic/electric guitar
- amplifier (Roland Cube)
- mixer (basic Behringer)
- active monitor speakers
- microphone

So basically I can connect mic and guitar into the mixer and play through the active speakers or connect the output to the amp. I can also run the mic through the mixer and speaker and play the guitar through the amp. Furthermore, I can also connect an MP3 player to the mixer and play some backing tracks to my songs.

After doing some research and reading through forums, I decided to order a Behringer MIC200 tube mic-preamp as it apparently gives an acoustic (and electric) guitar and nice warm sound. Haven't got it yet, so will have to try it out first.

What do you think? If it - or nigusberries - wanted to play a very basic acoustic set in a small cafe and they didn't have a PA, would the current setup be sufficient? Probably need better speakers, and you may want to mic the amp as well instead of going straight into the mixer. Would you also need some monitor speakers in front of you to hear yourself better? And how about the MIC200 pre-amp, is anybody using it?

As for an acoustic band, would a similar setup be sufficient (probably need a better mixer as there'd be more microphones to connect)? And if any of the instruments need their own amplifiers, then you start having to carry more gear and making sure that the players can here their instruments on stage.

My apologies, this is all highly simplified. Nigusberry asked some good questions, and I'd be immensely grateful for some feedback. Cheers...