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Acoustic setlist help needed

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So my friend and I are going to be playing a 2 hour acoustic set at an end of the year banquet for a local college and we need some help with a set list. We just found out that we can't have vocals, so a lot of the songs we already have won't work. Can anyone suggest some songs that might work well with two acoustic guitars and no vocal? Some songs we were already thinking of were Fast car by Tracy Chapman and Landslide by Stevie Nicks. Any advice would be awesome, thanks!

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Both "Fast Car" and "Landslide" should be good without vocals. I was going to suggest "Classical Gas," but I think that's solo guitar until the horns, etc. come in.
How about "Harvest Moon"? It's in Drop D tuning, but might make a good instrumental. One of you could toss in the harmonics in the right places.
The only other thing I can suggest is to search the Web for "guitar instrumentals," and see if anything gives you an "Oh, yeah" moment.
Good luck with your gig.