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Amp Suggestions with GT-8

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Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of looking for a new half stack setup. My current setup sounds horrible (Ibenaz cab with a peavey pa head). I have a Boss GT-8 that I use for everything. I pretty much have my mind set on a Marshall 1960 cabinet. I had one several years ago and know they sound amazing. Any other suggestions are welcome. Ive been looking at amps for some time and it seems the more expensive they get the more bells and whistles they have (which I dont need). Since I use the Boss for everything, does it matter the quality of amp? Will there be a difference between solid state and tube? Any rackmount options? Budget ~ $500.

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IMO the tube will sound better even with the processor. Should sound alot warmer and more natural. Depending on what kind of music you play you may want to have the solid state sound. I would recommend either a fender m80 head - solid state or an older peavey tube head. Traynor also makes some older quality heads that sound really good with effects. My best advice is to head to a store with your g8 and try alot of different guitars through alot of different amps and get what you like.

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Depending on what kind of music you play you may want to have the solid state sound.

I have a Jackson DR7. My band plays death metal kindof stuff so that sound is most important. Though I love to play many other styles.

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Hey Minicrum,

Welcome to GN, the best damn Guitar Forum/Website on the NET!! I mean that.

I too have a GT-8 that I run through my Fender HotRod Deluxe, I use the 4-cable method and keep all my Tone settings on my amp straight up at 12 o'clock (6 on the Dial) with the exception of the Bass I dial it back a bit.. to about 4. I've taken the HotRods Preamp out of most of the "Patches" in the chain except for the clean tones via the Chain settings on the GT. That way I can get the true (as true as Boss is capable, which I think are pretty darn close), of all the available Pre-Amp tones built in.

I haven't noticed any real difference in tone quality with my HotRod -vs- say Headphones except for volume levels of course and the cleans coming from the GT-8 are very very clean.

The 4 cable method allows you to the Line IN/OUT on your amps. Then you can choose to use the HotRod (or your amp) Pre-amp or bypass it all together thereby allowing only for the Power Amp portion of your amp.

Eitherway it sounds very nice :)

Alot of folks over at Boss GT Central:
recommend using a Keyboard or PA amp to plug the GT-8 into. This may be a solution for you, but I don't know the prices on those amp types. I guess it all depends if your going to perform and in how big a venue. I know that you could also use the GT-8 and plug straight into any HOUSE board(s) and have their sound guy balance stuff out for you, which I think is a great option granted they have a sufficient system. If for no other reason, you don't have to lug around a big, heavy amp.

Another good source for your GT-8 is the

Hope that helps.

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As neutral as possible. A basic 100+Watt keybord amp won't cost you too much and will amplify it perfectly.