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Any BOSS GT-6/GT-8 ...
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Any BOSS GT-6/GT-8 experts? Problem using 4 cable method...

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OK all you BOSS gurus....I NEED HELP!!!!!

I just got my Hughes and Kettner 20th anniversary tube amp and it sounds great. I am attempting to connect my BOSS GT-6 using the 4 cable method and have a stupid question.....when I connect everything up thru the effects loop of the amp, the volume controls on the amp don't work......

Anybody know why?

I've got....

Cable 1 - Guitar Out > GT-6 Input Jack.
Cable 2 - GT-6 FX Loop Send > Amp Input (yes, right up front).
Cable 3 - Amp FX Loop Send > GT-6 FX Loop Return.
Cable 4 - GT-6 Left(Mono) Output > Amp FX Loop Return.

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I've got the GT6 also, but never used the 4 cable method. According to the Boss GT Central page, it looks like you have it set up correctly... did you change the OD/DS to "custom" ? They have a forum were you may be able to get help resolving this. Sorry I could be more help. Good luck.


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