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Audio System

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I have to design this audio system and was hoping someone could gimme some tips.

I have to draw a block diagram showing how an audio system would be interconnected to provide a P.A system for a band playing in a club

The band consists of:

1 Vocalist
1 Electric guitarist
1 Bass guitarist
1 Keyboard player (stereo)
1 Electro acoustic Guitarist
Drummer – Kick, Snare, Hats, 2 Rack Toms, 1 Floor Tom.

The vocals and bass guitar are to be compressed. The electric guitar requires a noise gate

- Appropriate Mics / D.I boxes should be chosen.
- Arrows should be drawn representing audio signal connections between each device used.
- All inputs and outputs should be clearly labelled.
- State what each piece of equipment does. You are to justify your choices of specific equipment.
- The audio system will consist of: Mics, D.I boxes, Mixing desk, Graphic Eqs, Stereo power amp, a stereo digital recorder,1 CD player ,1 pair of speakers, stage box,1 reverb unit, 1 compressor, 1 noise gate, two separate monitor mixes consisting of 4 wedges, monitor amps, all cabling.

i have the mics / di boxes chosen , and most of the signals

however i need help on how to connect it so tat the vocals and bass are connected to the compresspr etc and how it all works , and also where the recorder and cd player go , do they go in the stage box or straight to mixer? and the monitor mixes witht he does that all connect?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is a big job, but here are some suggestions.

For the noise-gate, you can just put that inline with the guitar, before it gets to the mixer.

For the compressor, you'll need to put that into one of the Aux/Effects loops, unless you use a separate compressor for each channel, then you can use the Insert.

There are some lessons here that may help, although I think you're beyond most already.

There used to be a great tutorial by Scott Hysell, but it's no longer posted :(

Good Luck!