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Blackheart Amps
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Blackheart Amps

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Has anyone heard or seen any of the Blackheart line in person? Curious as to how they actually sound. Can't seen to find any sound clips of them on the web.

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Nope, I was just checking Youtube myslef, but nothing yet.

I just got the new MF catalog in the mail today, and saw a niece little review in there, then looked 'em up on their website.

Blackheart Little Giant

Looks like the Epi VJ head with a few added features, (eq, and pentode/triode selector).

Here's the 1x12 speaker cab

Again very similar to the Epi cab. Same price too.

Good price on the half stack, but not in stock yet.

I'd like to find one of these around to try out. Probably be seeing them at GC soon.


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