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cabs for hughes and kettner tri amp mk2

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i just recently bought myself a hughes and kettner tri amp mk2 and i havnt yet bought a cab for it because i have no idea what to get i have been looking at orange hughes and kettner krank marshall and mesa boogie i want an amp with celestion v30's is there a cab brand i have overlooked? i dont want a cab that will jeprodise my sound


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i personally play through mesa boogie rectifier standard cabs and absolutely love them. they have a great overall sound (much better than the crate blue voodoo i used to play through) and are really really well made. they are a tad pricey though at $900 a piece. might be able to find a slightly used one on ebay for cheaper. i bought 2 from a guy near my hometown that are as good as new, if not better than new. got the pair for $1500 and they are the cabs with side armour (diamond plate on the side), which is a $400 option each. so yeah. you should be able to get a good one for around $500 or $600

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i think avatars cabs come with celestians, great price also but wes would know
more about those, check with him 8)

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Avatar makes great cabs. I have a 2 X 12 with Celestion Vintage 30s and it is an awesome sounding cab.

My cab is very well built and attractive, but one thing I like it that it is not so heavy. I estimate my 2 X 12 weighs about 40 lbs.. Really nice when you have to haul these things around.

Avatar has a wide selection of Celestion or Eminence speakers. You can save about 25% on speakers. I bought a Celestion G12T75 a few months back, I shopped around, it was going for $100 just about everywhere. I got it from Avatar for $69. I am the Master of Cheap. :D

But I have dealt with Avatar several times now. They make great cabs and their service is great too. I would recommend Avatar to anyone.

Avatar Speakers

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