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Careers in Live Sound Reinforcement?

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Hi there everyone! I know its been almost forever since I last posted but I've got a question that I can't seem to find much info on. So, with my senior year approaching I need to start getting serious about what I want to do after high school. Ever since I started playing guitar I've become very passionate about music. I know I'll probably never make it performing in a band which really isn't my main interest. I am much more interested in production or live sound reinforcement. I've had my eye on Berklee for quite a while but recent calculations have shown thats it would be quite difficult to pay for it; almost $180,000 for 4 years. Bloomsburg University here in PA has an up and coming recording program and another PA school, Mansfield University, has a music industry program as well as Drexel. I've also just come across McNally Smith College of Music (formerly MusicTech College) but I'm not so sure about that one. My question, or questions, are: Are there any other schools you know of that I should consider? How difficult would it be to get into a production or live sound career? How far would I realistically be able to advance in said career? Would I more likely be stuck in the area I live running sound for local clubs and venues or would I be able to get a job with a professional road crew (live sound) and go on the road running the board for national acts? And finally, (never thought you'd get this far, eh?) what does the monetary situation look like, first for entry level, and then for professional level?

Whew! I never realized how many questions I had about this! As you can probably tell I am really confused about all of this. I had it all worked out but when I realized how expensive Berklee was I got a rude awakening so now I'm kind of lost about where to go next. I know I'm asking a lot so I know some questions will go unanswered. Even if you can provide me with a website with a lot of this info on it, that would be a great help. I'll keep Googling (heh, googling) and hopefully I'll come up with something. I really appreciate any help you guys can provide; you have no idea. Thanks so much in advance! :D Sorry for chewing up so much space with this post too! :shock:

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