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Case for Mesa/Boogi...
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Case for Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier

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i'm thinking about getting a case for my mesa dual rectifier. i just wondered who knows a lot about them and what i should be looking for. i already know there are the lift-off type and the live-in type. i'll be playing in bars and such, so i was leaning towards the live-in type, simply because i feel it will offer more protection (especially if something gets spilled on top). i won't be flying and will probably be transporting my own equipment. should i look for complete foam lining or is carpet ok? also, should i go for the full ATA recessed versions of cases or would something with surface hardware be ok for now? there are just a lot of options and i don't know how much money i have to spend on it. also, does anyone have any suggestions where i should look for them? any good experiences with the value of a certain manufacturer? thanks everyone.

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Wow nobody answered yet?

First, congrats on getting into giggin so you need a case in the first place!

Since you're going to be taking the rig around with you and not throwing it on a plane, you could go with the less expensive hard-type cases. I've looked at a few and...I don't know if you'll need all the foam-lined type things, but maybe something a little lighter. I've found that for some odd reason, gear 'gains weight' between the time you load it into your car at 630pm to head out for the venue, and 430am when you're lugging it back up to your apartment, lol. ;)

I've actually found that a good thick amp cover (like supplied by most manufacturers for their stuff) is sufficient to keep the amp new-looking. Luckily I've never had the problem of spillage on an amp because I not only don't put beers on it, but not even water bottles.

The live-in ones look sorta interesting though. You probably don't mind the added weight, but as far as convenience of setup, that might be the way to go.

As far as which brand; there's so many to choose from nowadays. Before it was just Anvil and a couple of others. Shop around on the Net and go for construction and price.

Hope this helps.