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Crate V18 1x12 or 2...
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Crate V18 1x12 or 2x12 ????

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TRGuitar -

I found the time tonight to get all three amps together for a side-by-side comparison.

Based on which I'd like to modify my previous impressions. The Blackheart compared a lot more favorably to Crate than I remembered. The Crate won out - but not by as big a margin as I first thought it had. As I mentioned before - the Blackheart isn't going anywhere, it's a nice amp with great tone. The EVJ combo, while still on the sharp/brash side, managed to put out a somewhat decent tone (considering the price) after fiddling with the tone/vol pots on my guitar. I would suspect that the EVJ head and cab would compare favorable to the Blackheart - but as you stated the addition of a tone stack and the switchable pentode/triode selector sure give a lot more options for altering the output.
TRGuitar - I however am not allowed to have any new toys at this time.
stratman_el84 - Plus, the smaller less-expensive boxes coming to the door won't tend to anger wives as much.

Yeah, the wife gave me the stink eye when I came through the door carrying the Crate. I avoided eye contact then mumbled something about selling off a few things. She pretended to believe me then rolled her eyes and sighed. I thought having stuff delivered to my office was going to help avoid such confrontations, but I realized there just is no right answer. Ah yes - sometimes GAS is not my friend.........

stratman_el84 -

Thanks for the links on mods - those are some interesting sites. I don't think I'm going to keep and/or mod the EVJ combo though. Like I said, it was part of a package I picked up after I got the Blackheart and figured I'd spin it off right up front. It was one of those deals where the guitar it came with was worth more than the price of the two together. I can sell off the amp at quite a bit less than they retail for and still come out way ahead.

I may consider some mods and a tube upgrade to the Blackheart at a later date when I have more time. I found some sites that already had some kits available.

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Congrats on the new amp! :twisted:

I own the EVJ head and like it a lot, to me it makes a tremendous difference what speaker(s) you push with it. I tried it through a Celestion G12T-75 and didn't care for it. I played it through my Avatar 2 X 12 closed-back with Celestion Vintage 30s and it sounded MUCH better. But to my surprise it sounds best to me through a little 1 X 12 cab I bought from Loppo and installed a Eminence 125 speaker I pulled out of my Hot Rod Deluxe. It sounds fantastic through this speaker (to me). And a 12" speaker is going to sound much better than an 8" to me, so the speaker makes a big difference.

But have fun with your V18!

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I just picked up the Crate v18-1x12 for $150 new. I imediatley ordered a set of fender tubes for the pre amp, and GT's for the power. I also ordered an Eminence Patriot: Red , White and Blues driver. I played the amp stock for a day, then I swapped the tubes and speaker. Wow! Incredible! The difference was fenominal. The break-up is a lot nicer, and the tone is just right. The last thing I need to do is swap out the piece of Crap reverb tank for a nice accutronics unit. For about 300 bucks all together you can have a $500-$600 dollar amp. I would say the upgrades are a must, especially to the speaker! Great mod amp!

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