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distorting an accou...
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distorting an accoustic

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i play acoustic guitar almost exclusively.  i put a mic pick up in it a couple of years ago.  i love the sound of my accoustic, but i also have an affinity for distortion and overdrive.  
i tryed plugging my accoustic into my friends amp that had distortion.  it sounded decent.  could anyone recommend any good (but inexpensive) pedals?  i've also thought about building my own from some plans on the web.

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I'm going down this exact same path.  Have you had any luck making it sound good?  If so, what pedals are you using?


This would have been my posting:

I'm primarilly an acoustic guitarist with an electric guitar and some effects pedals, but I tend to gravitate much more towards my acoustic guitars.

I'm trying to limit the amount of gear I'm taking on the road.

What i'm wondering is if it's possible to get a distortion sound that actually works on an acoustic?

I've checked out Monte Montgomery (from searching through an earlier post).

I've gone the other way with electric guitars and using acoustic simulators but you can never really make a realistic acoustic guitar sound, inparticular a 12 string sound.

I do think however that a distorted electric sound can be much more forgiving.

Have any tips or suggestions on which gear combinations would work best towards this?

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Well, there's a Zoom multi-effect ground pedal for the accoustic, seems good, give it a try.