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Jizzy Dillespie
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Hey Guys,

I have to cover "Pepper" by Butthole Surfers with my band. I should say I GET to cover, cause I love the song, just wasn't one of my picks. Anyway, I don't have all the effects I need on my board yet but I've got a lot. One Icertainly don't have is the effect used in the intro to this song. It's used elsewhere in the song, too. I think its a tremolo. I kinda recreated it using a short, swelling delay with a kill switch on the guitar. Can anyone verify what type of effect this is before I spend money on a pedal I wasn't really meaning to buy? (P.S. the intro starts on a G note, then goes to a B which is either bent up to a C or followed by a C).


Jizzy Dillespie
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Another question I have:

I want to get one of those Boss Acoustic Simulator pedals, too. They sound pretty sweet, all things considered. (Pretty close to an acoustic). Does anyone know where this should go in the effects chain? Is it a preamp effect or do I go effects loop stylee on it?

Thanks again,

I guess I'll continue this chain by listing the effects that I have, mainly cause I'm bored at work but also in hopes of keeping this string going:

Strat (altered to have mid tone knob work bridge pickup when pickup selector is in position 5 but normally otherwise, added a killswitch and rewired to reduce noise & interference) into preamp pedal board:

Boss Compression (set to thin sound ever so slightly but with a little less volume - so I can leave it on until I need a little boost, then I just turn it off and I have a full sound)
Boss Distortion
Zoom Hyperlead (Totally analogue - I love the sound and its WICKED versatile)
Crybaby Wah (with some knob on the side to change frequency, also two knobs for volume and range)
Boss Dual Overdrive (another sweet sound)
Boss Tuner at the end to kill all sound (no fuzz from distortions come out of the amp while tuning. I'm thinking of moving this to my other pedal board to kill sound completely while tuning)

That goes into my amp, the effects loop is set up to my other pedal board:

Boss Super Chorus (all knobs set to about 2:00 - I've gotten many a compliment on this effect)
H20 (Chorus and Delay)
Arion Phaser (sounds like crap but isn't that the point of a phaser?)
Boss Flanger (set wide & slow, like Tom Morello's)

I put the phaser and flange after the delay on purpose because when both are on (delay & one of the other two) you can distinctly hear the phasing/flanging and it doesn't get the crap beat out of it by a delay. The chorus isn't such a pronounced effect, which is why I leave that out in front.

Any comments, suggestions, ect. are appreciated.

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gee, you sure have lots of pedals. think I'll call you pedalman.
the acoutic sim pedal should go towards the front. that way if you want you can use the other pedals to alter the acoustic sound.