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Fender Hot Rod deville

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Hi, I just got back from my guitar class with my new guitar teacher and i have been posting latly about tone and pedals and he said with his tube fender hot rod deville he can get amazing distorion yet clean cut sound and warmth excellent tone he says without any foot pedals. Can anyone back this up?

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I suspect that your teacher was saying "amazing quality" distortion, rather than "amazing metal" distortion. Fenders are known for their clean sound, they're not known for heavy distortion - Fender use EL84s and 6L6s in their amps (as do Vox), which are what you find in all that type of amp (very clean -> slightly dirty). The amps that generate loads of heavy distortion, but lack in the cleanliness dept., are based on EL34s and derivatives (Marshall, etc).

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Yes, He's right. An all tube amp with • Three 12AX7 preamp tubes • Two 6L6 Groove Tube output tubes.

Sporting three selectable channels (Normal, Drive and More Drive). On channel one a guitarist could set it for clean, channel two set for light overdriven rhythm guitar, channel three set for sustained over the top lead. With controls which go up to 12. A bright switch in Normal channel. Gain and Master controls in Drive channel, combined with a specially voiced tone stack which includes treble, mid, bass, then also a drive and presence control. lets not forget that great Fender long spring Reverb.

It will rock.


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I can second you. I don't own one, but a friend owns one, and I play through it quite a lot. I've used it enough to really get to know it, and it really is the epitomy of a Fender amp. Great clean, and great, although not over the top, distortion. Also, plenty of volume.

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i have the deville, and yes it is loud, and the clean imo is 2nd to none, but if you play metal
you gotta get a stomp box, but fender is famous for their clean tones 8)

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I have a Deville, it's a very nice sounding amp, you will need pedals for metal. The dials go to twelve but I think it actually goes to thirteen.

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I own a Hot Rod Deluxe, the little brother of the DeVille. It is really the same amp, only with one 12" speaker. They sound almost identical and have the same features.

It all depends on what you call fantastic distortion. The DeVille actually has a pretty good distortion, but in no way would you call it a Grunge or Metal distortion. It is more like the distortions you heard in the late 60's and early 70's. So it is more a Classic Rock type distortion.

Think of the tone Carlos Santana uses, I have always thought my HRD sounded almost identical to his tone with the gain on the Drive channel turned full. Turn the gain down and you can get fantastic Blues type tones. This amp excels at Blues.

As others said, these amps have a great clean channel and are very effects friendly. So all you need for Metal distortions (or Grunge) is a quality high gain pedal.

These amps are very versatile. You can get a great clean for Country, Surf, or Jazz. The amp is very warm and full and sounds beautiful when cranked up a bit. They have plenty of power to gig almost anywhere without having to be mic'd.

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