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"FUZZ" for Foxy Lady wanhh wanhhh

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ok so i've always loved this song and after watching the G3 video and seeing Joe Steve and John rip it up I got to learn it. I got the notes down w/ my tele and fender HRD but dont get near the "fuzz" i need out of the overdrive. What is a good pedal/effect to get the classic hendrix sound. Would a big muff help? I kinda like the twangy country sound i get w/ my tele-fender tube combo, since my vocals have a drawl anyway but i need more punch to the amp. I guess I'm doing the junior brown version of hendrix :D i wish...

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hendrix used a marshall super lead + dallas arbiter fuzzface...

A good fuzz pedal sound clean up when you roll your volume back on the guitar, thats how hendrix got a lot of his cool tones.

Check out the FullTone 69' pedal. That through a marshall tube amp will get you close.

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The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff is famous for getting a Hendrix like Fuzz tone.

Big Muff

My Zoom GFX-1 has many distortion settings including Fuzz. I like it very much, very close to my ears (and I was around when the fuzz came out). I use it on a few covers from that era, sounds great to me.

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Amen to that, Wes - I had yer actual Arbiter Fuzz Face, complete with ribbed rubber foot step - and a Vox wah pedal - in the old days (I used 'em with an Strat & an AC30, not a Marshall, but ... ) and the GFX-1 fuzz model is pretty darn close 8)