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Gettin more juice outa my AMP

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Hey guys!

Hope someone here at GN can help me, i've got a Roland Cube 30 - have had it for about 2 years now, great amp just abit low on juice when compared to a marshall 100.
Does anybody know what make of speaker is in the cube? is it roland manufactured or some other brand relabled ?

I'm asking - and this is the second part of my question.... because i'm thinking of hooking up the cube in the following line

CUBE>> AMP/RADIO >> cab with 4 celestions.

reason being as i like the sound outa my cube.
How good / or bad is this going to be ?

is the sound going to much different to that i have now ( which brings me back to the speaker make in the cube) or should it be the same just louder and more ballsy ?

Any ideas ?
if it's a ^$^$ idea tell me.

Thanks !!

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I have a cube 60, when I plug in the output jack to something the built in speaker doesn't play sound, so the speaker inside the cube 30 probably doesn't matter if you use the line-out (I don't recall any other options).

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You seem to be asking for two things, Marshall tone and 4 X 12 cab fullness.

If you run out of the Cube 30's Line Out into an another amp and then into a 4 X 12 cab, it is absolutely going to sound bigger and fuller because of the 4 speakers. But it is still going to sound like a Cube 30 and not a Marshall. To me there is a huge difference in tone between these amps.

But you say you like the tone of your amp. If so, stay with your amp, doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.

If you want a Marshall type tone I highly recommend the Guv'nor 2 Plus pedal. I own one of these and it is amazing how well it produces the tone of Marshall amps. I run this into my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and it sounds so close to that classic Marshall crunch that only a real tone snob could tell the difference. Now this will get you the Marshall sound, and it will even boost the volume of your Cube 30, but you will still not get that 4 X 12 closedback cab tone. The only way to get that is to play through a true 4 X 12 closedback cab.

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