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Gigging amp choices...
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Gigging amp choices.

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I desperatley need an amp for gigs and other playing applictations. My peavey blazer is great for practice, but doesn't cut it when I want to perform. Plus it doesnt sound that great anyway. I only use the clean channel and then my digitech rp100 does the rest. Anyway money is not really going to be a problem, as i have been saving for a while and just checked my account a few days ago and i have lots, just dont suggest anything over a thousand brand new. Anyway, I love the way boogies sound, specially the tripple rectifier models. I was checking out a used trip rect. combo in the store and it sounded great except for the tremo verb was broken and i couldnt turn it off. Not a bad prce either, like 800 bucks. But I moved on to other amps in the store as the boogie was no longer an option due to the broken tremo verb. I found a barely used Rivera quiena(i think thats how u spell it) for 1000. I plugged in, and it sounded sooooooo good. With the gain cranked i could chunk out some sweet stuff, but with a flick of my guitars volume knob, it wint into silky smooth crunch. Bottom line i loved this amp. Just when i was ready to buy 3 days later, some one had already bought it. I checked what they cost new, 2200 hundred. I dont have that much money.

basically I want to be able to buy an amp and not need another amp as long as i live, but it has to be
all tube
large enough to gig with, small enough to be transported without a ton of effort or a roadie crew
be capable of going completly clean, all the way to completly hi-gain massacre at high and relatively low levels

so any suggestions. I love the sound of that rivera so if you know anything that sounds like it tell me. Or anything else that i should try out.



ps, i tried the peavey XXXL's and I hate them, so those are out.

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With a $1000 you can do quite a bit. If you don't mind used gear I found quite a few Rivera and Mesa Boogie amps on Instrument Exchange.

Instrument Exchange

I like Instrument Exchange for several reasons. First, you hardly ever get out-bid like E-Bay, Second, they have a great guarantee. You get 48 hours to inspect anything you purchase. If for ANY reason (you just changed your mind, don't like the looks) you are not 100% satisfied, you can send it back for 100% refund. Third, you are dealing with Instrument Exchange. You pay THEM, then they pay the seller. So you are not dealing with some unknown. I have made quite a few purchases on here and been completely satisfied.

For gigging, you want a least a 30W-50W tube amp. These will be loud enough for almost any gig. In very large clubs or a big crowd you can always mic the amp through the PA. You will be able to crank these amps to tube saturation where you get that sweet tube tone. Even with these an attenuator is a good investment. Then you can crank the amp to saturation and keep the volume low for small clubs or at home.

A 1 X 12 Combo is good. They usually weigh under 50 lbs. 2 X 12's are usually heavier (65-80lbs.) and are a pain to haul around.

If you can find it, an amp with seperate EQ's for the clean and distortion channels is a big plus.

There are so many amps you could look at Marshall, Fender, Traynor, Carvin, etc....

You sound like someone who would be into the "heavier" amps.

I would visit a few music stores and play through a few amps with your own guitar if possible. Put them through the paces. Turn those knobs. Crank them up best you can. Only you know what tone you like.

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My only advice'd be to ditch the rp100 and find [or build] a good tube pre-amp, and test out amps using your own guitar and the pre. I just feel you test out an amps capabilities a little better. Just my opinion...

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Maybe you ought to get yourself a Mesa Boogie Mark I reissue.

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There are some Questions in the Amps & EFX section you'll see reply's that have numerous all tube amps listed.

Just a thought