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Help hooking up preamp/poweramp/cab

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I have an ENGL 530 tube pre amp, a PV 900 power amp, and a peavey 4x12 cab with 100w speakers.
I cant hook this up to save my life. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Look through the manuals for each to find out which type of input/output connections each has. For example:
The ENGL 530 preamp has 1/4 inch unbalanced output jacks. It says in the manual "THIS SIGNAL CAN BE ROUTED TO A POWERAMP".

Which is, of course the "PV 900".
Search for that manual and it says it can be used with balanced 1/4 ,unbalanced 1/4 or XLR cables for input.
It also has Speakon or Binding post type speaker outputs.

Your cab probably has 1/4 inch, Speakon or both connectors.

So you need an instrument cable to go from your guitar to the preamp.
Another cable, with 1/4 unbalanced or balanced on one side to plug into the output of the preamp and the other side should be either 1/4 unbalanced or 1/4 balanced or xlr to plug into the channel one input on the power amp.

Then another SPEAKER cable with either Speakon or banana plugs on one side to plug into the power amp and the other side should be either Speakon or 1/4 inch whichever the cab has.

If you want to run the power amp bridged, read the manual. The cables would be the same, but you need to connect them a little differently.