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Hello im in need of some help.

I own

A Laney GH50L matching cab and head,

then on my pedal board set up i have :

MXR compressor,

Digitech Whammy,

Boss Super Distortion,

Line6 DL4,

Boss Flanger,

Boss Super Chorus,

Boss Chromatic Tuner,

I just cant seem to get the sound right for gigging,
it ends up sounding too muddy a lot of the time but in my bedroom everything sounds great,

I also am in desperate need of a DECENT distorted sound,

Ive gone through many and they all sound awful with my set up,

Firstly, whats the best order for my pedals and also do i run it through my FX loop?!

i have only recently bought my Laney (second hand for 350 off ebay, yes boysss)

so am unfirmiliar with what an FX loop actually does?!

So to sum up,

can anyone help me with :

decent distorted sound,
pedal board order,
and do i need to use my FX loop?


please help me out if you are knowledgable about this kinda stuff,


p.s i also sometimes use a wireless but it makes it sound muddy and bad,
its not even a cheap one but im not happy with it, ditch it or buy a more expensive one?

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A lot of your questions I wont be able to help on but for the distortion you should give a comparrison of what you consider decent sounding distortion, theres a lot of different sounds you can get with distortion and people will like some and not others, personally for live shows I have always used either a metalzone pedal or a rat pedal for my distortion and find I can get a lot of good sounds out of them ranging from crazy full out distortion sort of slayer style to really low amounts of distortion with a sort of grungy kind of sound.

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For pedal order I would probably go;

Guitar--->Boss tuner--->MXR Compressor--->Boss distortion--->Boss Super Chorus--->Boss Flanger--->Line 6 Delay--->Amp

As for the Whammy, I would experiment with running it either first or last. It is sort of similar to a Wah, and it is usually best to run a Wah first in your chain, but experiment.

Couple of ways you can work on getting a good distortion. I own a Boss DS-1 and it is a good pedal, but it is a little tempermental. I find getting the tone set properly difficult, I usually keep it around 10-12 o'clock position. As for the distortion, it can go pretty high gain, but I personally keep it very low, from about 7 o'clock (Min.) to 12 o'clock at most. It can be a very noisy pedal at higher settings.

Also, try using your amp's overdrive channel as a boost if it has a 2nd channel. Now set your Boss distortion to get a nice tight overdriven tone for rhythm, then switch to your amp's overdrive channel for a little extra drive and volume for solos.

Another thing to experiment with is your guitar's volume and tone controls. You can set your distortion pedal at a little higher settings, but clean it up by reducing your guitar's volume, and rolling off the highs just a little. Experiment with this, you will be surprised how you can tame an overly harsh distortion using this method. I almost always play with my guitar's volume rolled back to 6 or 7, and tone rolled off to about 8. I can get some great tones like this.

But you just have to keep experimenting, sometimes it takes awhile to find those great tones.

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This may not apply to you, but if you scoop your mids (even a little) it can really come out when you're playing with others, or when you're farther away from your amp. If you're scooping mids at all, try pushing them up a few notches.