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Help needed.Pedal t...
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Help needed.Pedal that goes before TECH 21 blonde

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Hi guys,

Hi , hope all are fine .

Finally i bought tech 21 blonde BY GOD'S GRACE. It is actually a replacement of my behringer GDI21 (because i don't like the sound from GDI21) But one thing i noticed that behringer GDI21 directly into mixer gives more volume boost and does real preamp, but it sounds really bad , especially in clean setting , it actually increase my guitar signal and increases the volume, so no need to keep full volume in mixer even only 3 point volume in mixer and it will sound equal to keyboard.

But in Tech 21 blonde i have to keep full volume in guitar and also in mixer to get sound equal to keyboard that too if i increase driver nob beyond 12 0 clock position then it is giving peak sound . I don't know why ?

Is this because tech 21 blonde pedal does not have xlr out and they say it have low z out put or our mixer is digital and this pedal is analog ? So do i have to buy one DI box to make sound clear and balanced ad increased in volume with out peak sound ? if yes , shall i buy TECH NYC para driver DI ? or shall i buy a 1/4 to xlr connector alone ?

Even though the Xlr out of blonde won't or will not increase the sound volume .

Then please suggest me one good distortion with volume boost mainly for solo and it should give a sharper and warmth sound with delay and small reverb in it.

Thanks in advance

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The radial Di. I can't remember the name at the moment but it's very good. It's yellow BTW.