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help on live metal guitar setup

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ok.. so im in a metal band now, ive been playing guitar for about 4 years now and ive gotten pretty good, but ive never had really good equipment, i had a little 50 watt crate amp that i play on. I want to start playing shows/gigs with the band im in so i need to know what a good metal guitar setup is, i already have an idea of the amp im getting, but i dont really know much about about other stuff, like EQ's, and compressors,etc.

so if some one could explain to me what all that is exactly(such as the bbe sonic maximizer) it would be greatly apreciated

and if this is in the wrong place im sorry

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I've always found this site to be very helpful, it explains guitar effects and what they do, plus gives some good tips on effects order.

Read all the pages, there is a wealth of information there. :D

And this is a very helpful video about amp EQ settings.

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And this is a very helpful video about amp EQ settings.
Yeah, that's some really good stuff.

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