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How do I power my m...
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How do I power my mic?

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So I've just gotten into electric with a Fat Strat and 2 amps
a Crate Vintage Club 20 and a Vox AD30VT.
Now I want to add my voice to the din.

I've got a couple of mics... SM58, and a couple of large and
small condencers. I've got a microphone pre I use for
recording into my computer. No mixer yet, I use the software

Where do I go from here?

Thanks for the help


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If your asking about the mics that need phantom power they are obviously getting that from the mic pre amp you are using for recording.

If the pre amp won't work live going into an amp or PA you will need to get some kind of mic pre amp or interface designed for that which provides the phantom power. I don't believe either of your amps have xlr and provide phantom power so you don't have much of a choice.

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Yep! your going to need a PA or acoustic amp for your vocals. Electric guitar amps don't do well with vocals or so I've been told, I've never actually tried it. Stands to reason, the electric guitar amp is design for distortion. You wouldn't want to distort your voice, or maybe you would :?:

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i've tried using a guitar amp with a mic before, and all i can say is that your lucky to have not had that experience. you get terrible feedback and you cant change the trim.

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