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how to hook up my full stack

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i have two 8 ohm cabs (one fender, one Avatar). i use a peavy 5150 head. so if i read correctly, two 8 ohm cabs make a 4 ohm load, right? so, if this is correct, when i want to hook both 8 ohm cabs up at the same time,do i actually set the head at 4 ohms? or 8?
i'd appreciate any and all help. thanks.

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Yup, 4 ohms is the correct answer.

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When you hook up two 8ohm cabs, you're running at 4ohms. So yes, put the switch on 4 ohms.

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Make sure to use speaker cables and not instrument cables, there is a difference between the two.

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thanks for everyone's help!