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I keep checking out...
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I keep checking out the Kustom Dart 66 Amps...

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I'm looking for a small amp that will sound good from clean to crunch, that would be portable from room to room, & I keep checking out the Kustom Dart 66 Amps

$100 for (2) 10 Watt amps...I don't know...the reviews that I come across online are very good, & I remember Kustom amps in the 70's sounding very good, but I just don't know about these. I have no way of hearing one at my local store, & I am a bit leery on purchasing w/o really knowing what it would sound like. Also, this concerns me; 6.5-inch special design speaker with plywood baffleboard 6" speaker seems kinda small to me...

I like the features; 3 band eq & reverb.
I would like something portable, maybe up to 30 watts; other suggestions are welcome. Don't want to spend a ton of dough either.

Help me make up my mind!!!

Thanks!!! :)

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I have a similar amp to that, It is a Kustom trl12, I got it a couple of years ago second hand with a guitar I bought.
The difference between that one and mine is the controls, mine doesnt have the eq, it only has Gain, Treble boost and volume.
I really like the clean sound of this amp however the distortion channel I found to be a bit fuzzy, however you can get some nice "classic rock" sounds from it. Also the model you are looking at has the eq so you will be able to shape the sound a bit more. That is a very good price, I would definitely consider it to be worth the cost.

I apologize for hi-jacking but could anyone tell me anything about this amp, like how old it is and where it may have come from?

This is the same as the one I have except mine is black

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I also have a Kustom TR12L, mine has grey/silver padding and it's a terrific little amp. I used it exclusively for years, home recording and even doing some gigging with it recently until I got my AD30VT.

Everywhere I took it, the little Kustom got oohs and ahhs from folks who liked not just the goofy way it looks, but who thought it gives a pretty good sound too. I used to use the clean channel and then switch on the overdrive channel for rockier numbers, and I was pretty happy with how it sounded, for its size and price.

I dunno anything about it or where it comes from, I bought mine used at Mojo Guitars (RIP!) in NYC in 1999 or so.

Got a show tonight and the Kustom may be serving as a makeshift stage monitor since we need a monitor couldn't find anything else to use! We'll see how it goes.

If the Dart is much like the TR12L, I'd recommend it, especially for that price!

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Thanks for the input, guys! I am giving it some more serious thought... I really don't need 2 amps, & 10 W seems a bit small, but the deal is tempting! I am also considering a Randall (20 W), Vox (15 W) & Marshall (15 W). Too many choices out there!