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i want a small tube...
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i want a small tube amp

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thomann's version of the evj is pretty hard to pass up...add a couple of cheap behringer pedals - eq, od and reverb and you've got the perfect small tube amp setup :)

just a few questions
1. overdrive pedal, will it just push the natural tube amp sound or will it colour the tone ?
2. the ibanez has an effects loop - can someone explain what that does ?
3. what size cab will a 4ohm speaker out be able to run ?

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1) Both, depends on settings. Using just the level you'll merelyu boost the signal, adding tube overdrive. Using the tone or drive knobs will color the sound.

2) It allows you to put effects between the pre-amp and poweramp, instead of before the pre-amp. Effects like boosters, compressors and wah often go before the pre-amp, but modulators and such usually go in the loop. There's also a third place for effects, ater the poweramp, and a fourth place, after the speaker. guitar->effects->pre-amp->FX loop->poweramp->attenuator->line-out effects->SS poweramp->cab->mic->effects.

3) Depends. Resistence has nothing to do with the physical size of the speaker but what kind of load it can handle. If your amp has a 4ohm output then you need to get a cab that can support that wattage at the same resistence level. Whether that's 4x12" or 1x6.5" doesnt matter.

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seriously people, thanks for all the replies. ive got to get to a store and check out the EVJ, because it seems like some of you are really passionate about it. ive always loved the idea of having an extremely simple amp, and just adding an EQ or effects later as desired.
on a side note, i love how these threads always go slightly off topic. example: Ignar's detailed reply to Mordeth. it wasnt the information i was looking for, but i cant believe how much some of you guys and girls know about this stuff!! im always interested in learning more about guitars/amps/playing, and this is definitely the best place for it. thanks again, all.


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