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is there an effects...
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is there an effects pedal with built in drum machine?

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Hello all

I have

Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar
Roland Cube Amp

But no drum machine. What i want to know is my EASIEST way of getting drum sounds. I think i remember someone saying that one of the effects pedals out there has a decent drum machine built in???

anyone? or any other ideas?


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i have an old ZOOM pedal that has some drum tracks built into it. I have seen the same pedal go for very cheap on ebay. try searching "zoom"

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Digitech RP series, starting new around $60, used around $30.

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Neither of these is cheap, but both are good:

Pandora PX4 @ $199 USD
AdrenaLinn II by Linn @ $ 350+ USD

Since you have a Cube, you could simply by a Zoom Rhythm Track drum machine either new or used and put that into the aux audio input. The dedicated drum machines tend to sound better and be more flexible than the multi-effects pedals' rhythm sections -- although the Adrenalinn is really a completely different animal.

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Another thought would be a one of those Keyboards that has a built in drum module. Some even have an accompliment sections that will play along with the drum module. They can be picked up cheap at yard sales and pawn shop, etc. The drums I use on the Mp3 backing tracks I've posted before where done with a Digitech RP-50 run into an equalizer, carver PM-120 power amp, and 2- 1x12 celestion cabinets.


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Yeah, i've got a zoom pedal too, which has drum tracks

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I have an RP-80 with a drum machine. I am not crazy about it, they all sound the same to me with too much snare. I would rather just a basic drum beat without all that snare to use more like a metronome as I strum along.

I am not crazy about the whole unit, I think it is a pain in the butt trying to edit different sounds and I only use a few of the factory presets.

I was just playing around with it again last night trying to pick out individual effects so I can see what they do to guitar and the thing went braindead and I had to restore to factory settings again.

And I tried the built-in tuner for the first time on the RP80. It does not agree on 2 strings with my little QuikTune that I have been using for 2 years.....I don't want to know. I am going to make believe I didn't use that tuner and stick with my QuikTune.

But I suppose these mutil-effect boxes are necessary for beginners like me to try to develop some sort of clue to what many of the effects sound like so I don't waste too much money buying individual effects boxes just to experiment. :?

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if you just want to play in time then get a metronome
if you want a "good" drum machine buy a dedicated unit
if you want effects and a drum machine then i recommend the new generation zoom g2 - apparantly has alot better sounds than the old zooms, the same drum kits as the 707 and better built - and under 100 dollars (99.99 probally :p)

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