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jazz tone settings?
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jazz tone settings?

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after purchasing a mesa roadster.. i know the options are unlimited. but i was looking into trying to get that ambient sounding jazz tone guys like alan holdsworth or frank gambale get. do they use pedals as chorus or phasers to get such a tone? its not really the whole traditional low treble bassy tone old jazz artists gets. but what kind of settings would you recommend on my clean channel to get some good tones as i described? im a metal musician with an ibanez s2120 and emg 81/85.. which im sure doesnt help much. lol.

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As with metal, jazz players get their tone from careful selection of amp, guitar and effects.
It's also safe to assume that if they don't use effects, they would add them in for the album.

One method jazz players like to use is high gain (distortion) channels with the volume (or distortion) turned way down. They also like to turn down the guitar volume. This adds grit and flavor.

Another jazz tone is to use tube amps with vintage coupling capacitors. Certain caps cut the treble and add a graininess to the sound. The same thing can be said for vintage guitar pickups. What they do to the treble is not the same as EQ.

Touch dynamics is very important, and can be difficult to find, both in jazz and metal. In general, metal players like dynamic distortion, whereas jazz players want that in their clean sounds.

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