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Line 6 Spider III 15 Modeling Combo - any good?

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Just wondering what people thought about this amp. There were only a few reviews online, I needed more than just 5 to make up my mind.


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There's been some discussion about the Spiders, just look down the list in this forum :)

If you want Distortion, gritting over processed distortion, then yeah, that's the amp for you.

If you want something different, and you will in time, then No. There are far more versatile amps out there in the same price range as this one that your looking at.

Just my .02 cents.

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Horrible Distortion, plain and simple.

Go with a Behringer GMX110 or something instead. You'll save money, and the behringers are much more versitle. Just ask smokindog, he likes his too.

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