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Looking for quality EFX within a budget of 150

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Hi- I have 150 dollars worth of credit to spend at or any one of their stores. The only equipment I have at the moment is a 4 track (cassette model) from tascom that I'm borrowing from a friend. I'd like to get a digital recorder though I'm not planning to add any additional cash- so I think that idea is out unless someone knows of a more affordable digital recorder. I also have two guitars nothing worth mentioning. Don't get me wrong the sound decent enough to be too concerned about getting a new one.

I would really love to get a quality pedal or just an EFX machine/ processor. I'm looking to get some Hendrix type sound- a trippy, fluttering sound- if that makes any sense. Perhaps the kind of sound that Zappa produced on “Shut and play your Guitar”. Please share your EFX and foot pedal experiences.

Also does anyone know of a metronome that plays higher that 208 bpm?


Gary J Foreman
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I know it's over double the price range you specified but this really is a good unit for what you are looking for because it has all the effects you could want, also drums, also an 8track digital recorder all in one unit-

-even if you have to sell a few things to get one you will save money in the long run as for that price you will just about get a digital recorder only.


paul donnelly
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I've got a metronome called Qwik Time which goes up to 250. I don't like it that much, since you adjust the speed with a couple of buttons, an unbelievably tedious activity, but it goes over 208.