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Marshall mg50
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Marshall mg50

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I looked over the manual for the amp. You'll be able to get some great sound from it. The fan doesn't look like it would be to hard to change. I would kep a eye on it like your doing and have fun being creative.


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Glad you love your new Marshall amp. I love Fender clean, but when it comes to overdrive, give me Marshall every time.

Like I wrote earlier, maybe Marshall is getting a bum rap. Most players who use Marshall really crank their amps compared to someone with a Fender or Roland using a clean sound. So these amps are working under extreme conditions.

And my old Marshall took a beating too. It was just a 50W amp and I was using it for gigs. So it was getting pushed hard all the time, not to mention banging around with other gear. So maybe I have been too hard on Marshall.

I just got my DSL401 out of the shop 2 weeks ago. The tech went completely through it and replaced the preamp heater rectifier, and also checked for cold, cracked, and stressed solders. Man, this amp is sounding awesome now. Cost me $170 for the repair, but it was well worth it. I picked up this amp on E-Bay for $400, they cost about $1200 new. So now I have a great sounding amp for about 1/2 price. I have used it at the last two gigs, it sounds great. :D

Oh yeah, crank that Marshall up! 8)

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