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Marshall Valvestate...
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Marshall Valvestate series of amps...

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Wow, this thread was a little different. Must have lost a few posts back when that fireworks happened. I missed that too. :lol: As for the amp, don't know about Marshall hybrid but I have an Electar hybrid. The dirty chanel isn't anything to write home about cause it has a 12AU7 preamp tube. Been meaning to change it out with a 12AX7 to see if I get a little more grit. :? Personally been playing the tube amp lately.

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i have a marshall Valvestate 8100 (100w head) and matching cab, from 1991/2.

i recommend these, but i dont recommend the 'AVT' amps.

the name 'Valvestate' is abit of a misleader in the AVTs and the smaller valvestate I/IIs.

my amp has an ECC83 in the pre-amp of its boost channel, but i think that any original valvestates smaller than the 8080 dont actually have valves in them.

if i were to give you advice, which i am, if you cant find the 8080 or 8100 valvestate Mk.Is, get the Vox Valvetronix or soemthing instead, because all of the valvetronix actually use valves as some stage of their circuitry.

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