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dunno if this is in the right forum but hey. ok i want to set up a rack unit which consists of, a line 6 pod pro xt, rocktron xpression multi fx, alesis deq830 (?), octopuss power supply and a marshall 100+100 power amp to run it all. i no i need a midi floor board to gain good access to all the patches but i dont really understand the audio controller brain rack i need to get aswell. im guessing you send all the racks in to this one unit and store the sounds you want in its memory. for example if i wanted to switch from overdrive with reverb to clean with chorus with the graphic eq turned on. if that makes any sense. have i got the right idea?


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Yeah that's kind of the right idea. Basically you store your settings in the "brain" and you use that to bring up presets as you need them. The controller sends all the control changes like in a sequencer to the individual units. However this is still affected by the way you have the units hardwired unless the controller you plan to use also has an active electronic patchbay/re-router. If you wanted you could go a step further and run all your patches through a laptop and program all your patch changes for entire songs.