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Modeling Amp or Multi-Effects Options

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I currently have an old Crate solid state amp that works intermittently and a Fender Champion 600 (5 watt tube) amp. I would like to have some effects to play around with. With some birthday gift cards to GC, I could spend up to $250 (US) on "something." Would I be better off with a multi-effects unit through my little Champion (6 inch speaker) or a new modeling amp? At one time I had a Vox AD30VT which sounded good, but I didn't care for the tap option to decrease/increase tremolo speed, etc. Vox has come out with a new line of modeling amps like I had. From what I have read on the Vox forums, it is plagued by some hissing sounds that some have described as snare like as the playing fades out.

I play blues, classic rock and some country music.

Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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I would go the multi-fx route. You have more flexibility - you can use it with different amps or no amp at all (straight into PC, for example).
For playing at home, the Fender is fine.

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I'm with greybeard on this one, although I love the sound of the air being pushed by a 12-inch (or bigger) speaker.

Line 6 just released their latest M-FX big-boy this past Christmas season. As a result, there might be some used Line-6 XT-3's or Lives or whatever the previous version was. There's also a reduced subset of the upper end M-FX units available new in that price range from all of the players in that price group.

There are some who have gone the route of the modelling amp as well, and love it. Normally less setting available and less flexibility for recording, etc, but does allow for simple portability.

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Yes, many good multi FX are out there. I use ZOOM and BOSS, with Digitech being a standard, also worthy of consideration.

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