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my crate amp gx-10
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my crate amp gx-10

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well i have a gx-10 crate amp and i have no idea what these buttons means... like overdrive, equalization, but i do know what clean is can anyone give me a good amp setting to set it too [/img]

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Equalization allows you to adjust the tone of the guitar amp.

That is a two channel amp. The first channel is your clean channel. Level will adjust the volume level of this channel.

On channel two overdrive or gain allows you to dial in the amount of overdrive or distortion you like. It also has a level control that allows you to adjust the volume of this channel.

Reverb stands for reverberation. This will give you the effect of playing in a large hall or room. Sort of an echo.

Did you get a footswitch with this amp that allows you to switch channels?

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Clean Channel set gain and level about the same. will give you a clean sound.

Distortion Channel set the gain about 8 o-clock and the Level anywhere from 0 to 2 1/2.

Equalizer (tone bank) settings will vary, start with them at the 12 o-clock postion. Adjust to flavor.


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I have a gx-15 i think everyone explained teh buttons.

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